While the real estate season generally abides by the seasonal temperature changes, heating up in summer and cooling off in winter, the remarkably low inventory of homes on the market has impelled buyers to continue their house hunt through the winter months. Here is a summary of six advantages to selling during winter that  points out in a recent article published on Realtor.com®.  

1) Less Competition. Inventory of homes on the market is commonly lower in winter making it a supreme time to sell. With less competition, your home can generate more attention from buyers.

Furthermore, it is likely that you will have less competition for contractors such as painters, carpenters, and inspectors during their slower season. As a result, you may be able to reap the benefits of better selection and availability, quicker results, and better rates.

2) Demonstrate your home is equipped for winter. The snowy season is a great opportunity to show off your home’s features that are beneficial during winter.  Examples include having a short driveway denoting less shoveling, having a south facing driveway that expediates snow melting, or your cozy fireplace perfect for those chilly nights.

3) New parents need more space. September has the most birthdays of the year according to statistics. After a baby is settled at home, expanding families may want to search for more spacious family homes.

4) Serious Buyers. Typically, those “window shopper” buyers who are considering moving just want to see what homes are out there and don’t intend to buy just yet. These types of shoppers tend to surface during the spring and fall when more homes are on the market. Buyers looking during the winter tend to be serious about purchasing and don’t want to chance losing out on a great home by waiting until spring.

5) End of year bonuses and retirees.  People that have year-end performance reviews could secure bonuses, allowing them the opportunity to upgrade their home or enable first time buyers to enter the market place. End of year retirees may also start their search for a new home they can settle down in.

6) Job relocation. The beginning of the year is a popular time for corporate relocation which motivates those buyers to act quickly to find a new home. Due to their urgency, it is likely that they won’t waste any time writing an offer on a home that meets their requirements.

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