7 Home Maintenance Tasks You May Have Forgotten To Do

While spring is a great time to organize, declutter and clean, it is also a wonderful time to complete worthy home maintenance tasks. Here is a list of 7 important home maintenance tasks that you don’t want to forget to do.

  • Seal stone countertops: Sealing your porous stone countertops such as granite can preserve their beauty since it helps to prevent staining, deterioration from acidic substances, and prevents bacteria to harbor. Make sure to research about how to care for your particular countertops first.
  • Clean the refrigerator drip pan: The drip pan can be prone to mold growth and can cause bad odors. If you have a non-removable drip pan, you may have to get a little creative to clean it such as using a wet vac to remove standing water from the pan. Make sure to unplug your refrigerator first.
  • Flush your hot water heater: This will help remove sediment buildup which can cause system failures. Flushing it annually can help extend the life of your water heater.
  • Wash dryer lint screen: Residue buildup from dryer sheets can block airflow which will cause your dryer to run less efficiently.
  • Reseal tile grout: This is a very easy way to refresh the look of your tile and also prevent tiles from becoming loose from wear and tear on the grout.
  • Block out bugs: Seal small holes and cracks and patch or replace screens to help prevent bugs from getting inside when you have the windows and doors open to let in the fresh air.


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