Verbal statements are non-binding.

Please note that our list is an interest list, not a waiting list. When a unit comes available that meets the specifications of an inquiry, anyone who meets the criteria will be contacted and able to schedule a showing with our on-site manager, no matter the length of time you have been on the interest list.

Our rules & requirements for processing applications

  • Anyone 18 years old or older that will occupy the rental unit are required to complete the application process and upon approval, must sign the lease contract as a responsible party. All minors that will occupy the rental unit must be listed on application and listed as part of the lease contract.
  • A maximum of 2 occupants are allowed per bedroom. If the number of people listed on the application exceeds the allowed number of occupants for the unit, the application will not be processed and Applicants will be notified.
  • All Applicants must sign the application to authorize management to conduct a credit check, criminal background check, employment and rental history verification.
  • A copy of a valid photo ID for all Applicants is required to be included with application. A copy can be made at the office upon request.
  • Unemployed Applicants must provide documentation indicating monthly income such as a government letter of social security, disability income, or retirement.

Criteria for accepted applications

  • A satisfactory credit history and no outstanding utility, cable/dish or phone balance.
  • A satisfactory rental history including rental payment history.
  • Net monthly income equal to three (3) times the rental amount.

Applicants will likely be denied if

  • Applicant provided falsified information on the application.
  • In the last 10 years, Applicant has been evicted, had an eviction filed, or had a money judgement filed against them by a landlord.
  • Applicant has a felony record/been convicted of a felony or has been convicted of a serious misdemeanor within the last 10 years.
  • Applicant has been convicted of a violent, sexual, or drug related offense.

Additional policies for applications

  • Applications are processed on a “first come, first processed basis”. If multiple applications are submitted before approval of an application, the landlord will select the strongest approved application.
  • After application is approved, Applicants must sign a lease agreement and pay the security deposit within five business days of notice, unless special arrangements are made with management. If this requirement is not met, Landlord may move on to the next strongest approved Applicant or put listing back on the market.
  • For all units that allow a dog or cat, there is a monthly pet fee, non-refundable pet deposit, and other pet policies that apply. All pets must be disclosed on application.

Processing time for applications:

  • All applications are processed in a timely manner. Processing time may vary depending on responses from references and possible unforeseen circumstances that may delay the process.
  • Declined applicants will be mailed a declination letter mailed to the current address provided on application OR be e-mailed


The documents below are available to download and print.

Vicksburg Way Application 

Oconomowoc Realty Application 

Dewey Ave Apartments Application 



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