A great way to expand your living area is to create outdoor living spaces. Regardless if you have a huge yard or a small patio, these design tips can help you create an outdoor space that you will want to relax or entertain in.

  1. Choose neutral colored furniture. Make your furniture more versatile by choosing neutral shades. This will allow you to change up your décor easily. For a layered look, select decorative items in bold colors and similar shades.


  1. Use double duty furnishings. Using multi-purpose furniture can help you save space and money. Furniture such as benches that can also be used for storage are great options.


  1. Add ambient lighting. String lights and lanterns add ambient lighting for your outdoor space perfect for those summer nights.


  1. Dress up walls or fencing. Wall accents will help bring color and texture to your outdoor living space. If using decorative metal pieces, a helpful way to avoid rust stains on the wall is to spray the decorative piece with a clear coat before hanging.


  1. Lay out an outdoor rug. To easily transition your indoor living space from your outdoor space, use an outdoor rug. It will help make the space feel cozier and add to the décor.


  1. Create Zen. Adding a water fountain can add Zen to your outdoor space. A table top one is a good option for smaller outdoor living spaces.



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