Now that all of your kids flew the nest and beginning the next chapter of their lives, it’s time for you to start the next exciting chapter of yours. By “rightsizing” your home, you could save time and money that could be better spent on things such as traveling, hobbies, and your retirement fund. After all, bigger houses tend to mean more expenses and maintenance.

If you are an Empty Nester and have been considering finding a new home to settle down for retirement, one that you could age in place, here are some things to consider:

  •  Ranch style home or master suite on first floor. Accessibility is key when looking for a place you can stay in throughout your golden years. Having all the rooms on one level, or at least the rooms your use the most, will prevent you from having to climb up and down stairs frequently.


  •  First floor laundry. In addition to the points made above, having convenient first floor access to your washer and dryer will prevent the need to haul loads of laundry up and down stairs.


  •  Sufficient lighting. Having adequate lighting, especially in the kitchen, bathrooms and by any stairs is important to have. Homes with overhead lighting fixtures and plenty of natural lighting are ideal.


  •  Stand-up shower. A walk-in shower that does not have a curb and is large enough to accommodate a shower chair or bench will be valuable to have as you get older.


  •  More spacious floor plan. Having rooms with more open space can make it easier to maneuver with a wheelchair or walker.


  •  Nicer finishes. Having a home with less square footage doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice having nicer finishes such as granite counter tops. By now, you know what you like and it is the perfect time to get those luxurious finishes you always wanted.


  •  Spaces for hobbies and guests. After retirement, you will have a lot more time for your hobbies. Consider finding a home that has space to accommodate your hobbies such as workshop space or an additional bedroom. The extra bedroom could also double as a room for overnight visitors.


  •  Location. When choosing where to live, consider what you want to live by such as closer to your family, downtown area or local recreational trails.


  •  Yard space. If you don’t want to do a lot of yard-work at your new place, consider finding a home with a smaller yard or one with more hardscaping that is easier to maintain.


If you have been thinking about finding a new home to age in place, now is a wise time to do so. Interest rates remain low and the strong Seller’s market continues to dominate the housing market in Oconomowoc and surrounding Lake Country areas. The equity you built could be used towards your retirement fund or for that dream vacation of yours. To find out what your home could sell for in today’s market, request a complimentary home market analysis or call us directly at 262-567-3611.


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