Whether your home office is for running a business, telecommuting, or just for paying bills and organizing personal papers, you deserve an inviting home office that you will want to work in instead of just having a desk shoved in the corner. Here are some great ways to create an appealing and practical home office.

  • Hide the tangled mess of cords. Having your cords concealed or at least neat and tidy will make you feel more organized. Use paintable cord covers that can blend into your wall, add adhesive hooks to the back of your furniture that you can attach cords to and hide them, and put a power strip in a desk drawer for devices.
  • Ensure you have adequate lighting. Sufficient lighting in your home office is a bright idea to boost energy and reduce eye strain. Opt for sheer window treatments instead of opaque for more natural lighting. Add a lamp to your desk for task lighting.
  • Stimulate your senses. Instead of staring at a blank wall, give yourself something interesting to look at. Position your desk by a window or hang a painting above your desk. Scents such as peppermint or citrus can help energize and de-stress you. An oil burner is a great addition to your home office space.
  • Conceal the clutter. Clutter can provoke you to feel overwhelmed and more stressed. Choose office furniture with drawers and cabinets to keep your papers and office supplies out of sight.
  • Enhance the homey ambiance. Your home office can look professional but still incite a comfy and homey feel. Complement the space by adding a decorative pen holder, an attractive waste basket, and wrap your bulletin board in a sophisticated fabric.
  • Add some house plants. Including some greenery into your home office can help purify the air and give off feel-good vibes.

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