If you love to entertain or often host holiday parties, check out our list of some of the best home features to look for when purchasing or renovating your home.

  • Inviting and Functional Entryway. Since your entryway is the first room of the home guests will see, having it inviting but functional is key. The space should provide a place for guests to hang their coats such as on a coat rack or in a coat closet. Adding a bench is also a nice element for people to set things down on or sit and take off their shoes if needed.


  • Large Kitchen Island with Seating. The kitchen is often the place where people like to congregate during parties. When you’re trying to cook and prepare food, it can be hectic to constantly maneuver around people. A large kitchen island with stools is an ideal home feature to have. It gives you enough room to cook while also being able to socialize with guests.


  • First Floor Powder Room. Having a first-floor bathroom for guests is a must. It allows people to have easy access to a bathroom instead of going upstairs. It also prevents guests from using your master bathroom. To make it feel more welcoming, provide items they can use such as lotion, floss, or even hairspray. The powder room should be away from the main entertaining areas for more privacy.


  • Wet Bar. A separate space to make drinks is a nice way to keep things organized and to help spread out your guests. Having a wet bar under your staircase nook is a creative way to use the space. Some beneficial attributes it could have include cabinets, shelving, lighting, and a minifridge. Adding a backsplash can not only protect your wall but also compliment your décor.


  • Outdoor Space with a Seating Wall. When hosting guests during the warmer parts of the year, having an outdoor space for entertaining is nice to have. It helps to reduce the amount of traffic through your home and provides a space to enjoy the beautiful weather. A seating wall adds architectural interest to your yard and also provides practical seating for guests.


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