Encourage positive energy, happiness, health, and good fortune by enriching the good Feng Shui in your home. Here are a few simple changes recommended by Feng Shui consultants.

  • If you want to attract love and relationships, Feng Shui design expert Lauren Benko advises in an HGTV article to “Avoid a single chair in the corner, solitary images in artwork and solo photographs. It’s important to create the energy of partnership around you, otherwise you are continually enforcing singularity.”

  • Keep your head above water: Water based artwork should not be displayed higher than your nose as it can evoke the feeling of suppression.


  • Speaking of water, recommends images or tones of water,  along with mirrors should not be placed in the center of your home or in some cases, the center of a room, since “the floaty and unstable quality of water will destabilize the earth element.”


  • If you have a room that feels too sterile and plain, add a whimsical design element to lighten the vibe and instill some personality to the space. Examples include: an unusual shaped piece of furniture, an eccentric sculpture or wall art, or a fun pattern on a rug, pillow or window treatment.


  • Avoid having your office chair face a wall, as it is said it can promote stagnant energy. Instead, position your chair to have a view. Marie Flanigan, an award winning interior designer expresses, “The amount of space in front of you relates to the amount of opportunities available”.


  • According to, to prevent transferring energy outside, deflect from hanging a mirror across an entryway that reflects back out of the door.

  • Another way to evade from conducting energy out the door, is to avoid hanging artwork in a descending manner down stairwells that face a door, according to a Huffpost article. Arranging artwork in that fashion can increase the energy flow to the door below. The author explains that “Stairs are often referred to as “raging rivers” in Feng Shui because of their powerful energy-carrying properties.”


  • To create healthy energy and healthy ch’i, keep the space under your bed empty. Another way to create a positive flow of energy is to “choose a couch raised up off the floor with legs. This helps to create a positive flow of energy within the room,” says Huffpost contributor Tanaaz Chubb, who is also the author of The Power of Positive Energy and Creator of

Try out these Feng Shui tips for yourself, and see if it helps invite positive vibes to your home!


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