The cool weather is upon us making now a wonderful time to embrace the colder seasons by transitioning the interior of your home. Making your home feel warm, cozy, and inviting is a perfect way to create buyer appeal.

Here are some little-known ways to add comfort to your home easily, and without breaking the bank.


  • Warm-Toned Metals. Incorporating warm-toned metals throughout your home can add warmth. These metals include copper, rose gold, brass, and bronze which have had quite a comeback in recent years. Picture frames, mirrors, home décor, kitchen and bath fixtures, lighting and furniture are all great ways to integrate warm-toned metals into your home.


  • Wood. An instant way to add coziness to a room is to add wood elements. Wood floors, wooden furniture and design accessories such as wooden bowls and trays can help make your space feel cozy.


  • Blend New and Old. Some Home Buyers may be turned off if a home feels too new, while others may be turned off if a home feels dated. Uniting old and new pieces can aid in balancing a space and help make your home appealing to a wider range of Home Buyers. Sprinkling in some vintage and old-fashioned items can kindle the homey, lived-in feel. New pieces can prevent rooms from feeling outdated. For example, an antique side table would be nicely paired with modern lamps.


  • Playful Accent Piece. To encourage a welcoming and relaxed feel to a room, include a playful accent piece such as a fun wall adornment.


  • Have Good Lighting. A quintessential way to stimulate an inviting feeling in your home is to have good lighting throughout. Avoid fluorescent lights as they can be unflattering. Let the natural light in during the day, especially when your home is being shown to potential Home Buyers.


  • Create a Warm Glow. Having separate lights throughout a room can help brighten up darker corners and spaces. Adding under cabinet lighting and wall sconces are two recommendations to help create a warm glow in your home.


  • Mirrors. A bright way to amplify lighting in a room is to strategically place mirrors to bounce light, such as hanging one across a window to diffuse natural lighting. Mirrors can also be used to help open up spaces and reflect nature views inside, so you can adore the colorful trees in Autumn a little bit more.


  • Textures and Patterns. To avoid having your home feel drab and dreary, fit in textures and patterns throughout your interior to establish depth. Rugs, pillows, throws, window treatments, baskets and textured vases are cost effective ways to add depth and comfort to your home. As a bonus, these pieces can easily be swapped out, enabling you change up your décor seasonally.


  • Window Treatments. Hanging window curtains can soften a space which helps to provoke the sense of comfort. Layering curtains and/or using patterned fabric will help provide extra depth to a space.


  • Scents. Besides the visual ways you can make your home feel warm and cozy, scents can also make an impact. Scents such as sandalwood or nutmeg can prompt the feeling of warmth. Certain scents can also remind potential Home Buyers of the holidays which can awaken fond memories that warm their hearts.


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